Thursday, 15 January 2015

New year, new brochure!

Welcome to our new - hot off the press - brochure.  
Some of you might know that our business card is based on a playing card. We noticed some 20 years ago that a playing card is almost the same size as a business card and we wanted something different to grab peoples attention. 
To further make use of the card idea we decided to produce our brochure as a “pack of cards” and over the years have produced different versions, I think this is our 6th version. 
16 pages creased and folded which fits neatly into a bespoke card pack. Compact enough to fit into your inside pocket or handbag yet big enough to make an immediate impact when placed onto a desk. 

We have showcased just some of the work we have designed recently including branding, design for print, exhibitions, signage, vehicles and illustration. This gives an overview and a little taster as to what we can achieve for our clients. 

The eagle eyed among you might have noticed four illustrations of two Kings, one Queen and a Joker that bear a remarkable resemblance to…(?)

We hope you like our new brochure and we would be very happy to send one out to you. Please contact us or if you are in the area please pop in, we make great coffee, always have biscuits and would love to talk with you!

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