Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Wrexham Hour

We were asked by our good friends at Wrexham Hour to design them a new logo to maximise their online presence. Well, you know us and logos, as soon as we had the request we thought about it for at least a millisecond before the creative juices started to flow (mental note: Never get in the way when the juices are flowing).

During this process fuelled by copious cups of coffee, various banter was heard in the studio - “ Has it got to say Wrexham Hour?”  “The letters don’t make a nice shape”  “What has Wrexham got that looks nice?”  “It’s for who?”  “ What about a sheep?”  “Pint of lager maybe..?” and other thought provoking and inspiring genius comments.

Then after many sleepless nights, much wringing of hands and several packets of painkillers for the brain overload - like a bolt from the blue inspiration struck!

Designs were feverishly drawn up and shown around the studio for design critique which commanded educated professional comments such as “That ones c***”  “What is that?”  “ It would be great if it was for a farm” and other such treasures.

When we had decided on the final ones (incidentally all done by Ellen as Dave and Alan’s pathetic attempts fell at the first hurdle) they were submitted for approval by the Wrexham Hour panel of judges and within minutes a final version was approved - and here it is!

We would love to know your thoughts, please send any comments to us, which will of course be treated in strictest of confidence and filed away forever.

The Mako Team (but mostly Ellen)

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