Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Tolo - Play fun for little ones

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When we were asked by our client First Celtic Toys and Learning Ltd to see if we could design an in-store playtable for the internationally recognised award winning Tolo Toys company we leaped at the chance! Using our experience of working within the toy industry enabled us to produce a design and concept, which, I think you will agree, looks visually stunning.

Alan one of our directors, was given special dispensation to visit children’s nurseries to monitor and take measurements on a wide variety of day to day things that little ones use. From that he was able to make sure all ergonomics and anthropometrics factors were taken into account. Quite often toddlers struggle to use adult sized things, so it was especially important that this was made specifically for their needs. It had to be the right height, the right seat size, the right level of stretch to get to whatever they wanted to play with and above all it had to be fun!
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The playtable was designed with a play train track on the outer perimeter and a play house feature in the centre that can be easily removed with a handle on the roof, and happy little Tolo figures and vehicles that add to their play experience.

The table top graphic has a generic playhouse garden feel to it with a garden path, flowers, bushes and a lake. To make it more fun the seats had large blow ups of some friendly Tolo characters, another ideal opportunity to increase the branding and awareness of the products.

The beauty of this design is that we can change the graphic and seats to tie in to all of the range or new products. 
This of course is for in-store use but we are thinking of producing them for homes to keep those little ones amused for hours! What do you think, would you like one?

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