Monday, 7 April 2014

Gladstone's Library

Had a great network meeting last week in Gladstone's Library with the FSB. I have been there before quite a few times for business meetings and have always loved the location (and the great food in the Food for Thought coffee shop!) but have never had the chance to look around the Library or the other facilities they have on offer as I seem to be always rushing to my next appointment.

So when John Fergus - the membership adviser for FSB, mentioned that there would be a guided tour after the meeting I couldn't wait.

I had a personal tour from Jane Dawson, the business development manager at Gladstone's, and I must admit I was blown away! The Library is truly amazing, I just didn't realise the scale of the place, they have over 250,000 volumes and all housed in a wonderful two storey setting

Gladstone had a huge passion for reading and books  and in his later years he began to think how he could make his personal library accessible to others. In 1889 he began moving 32,000 of his books from Hawarden Castle to what has become known today as Gladstone's Library.

The Library has continued to acquire books particularly in subjects that Gladstone was interested in, throughout this century. There are over 200,000 volumes on history and theology as well as philosophy, classes art and literature.

It is well worth a visit if you are passing by, I think it's a jewel of literary excellence and one of the best kept secrets in the North Wales area!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

An ad that ‘blows you away’ - Is this the future of advertising?

It seems like British Airways started somewhat of a trend with their #LookUp billboards in Piccadilly Circus towards the end of last year. Whenever a British Airways plane flew through the Heathrow flight path, they triggered advertising using real-time data of that particular plane. It was a stunning idea and claimed to be a world first campaign using this kind of technology.

And now it seems they’ve started something of a revolution. In a Stockholm subway, an advertisement for new hair product Apoteket sees the model’s hair react to the on-coming trains. It seems like a gust of wind created by the arriving train is blowing the model’s hair into her face. The model than manages to put her hair back into place and it starts all over again.

Friday, 21 February 2014

Bodnant Welsh Food Point of Sale

We all like quality food and shopping around for different tastes and food experiences (well some of us anyway) so we leaped at the chance of  creating something new for The Bodnant Welsh Food Centre 

We have been working with them for a while, producing a suite of illustrations, designing their leaflet, direct mail campaign, their advertising and a whole lot more, so when it came to creating something for the Farm Shop itself, I was nearly knocked off my feet in the rush to do the site visit!  

"Oh yummy, can't wait" "Does that mean we get free samples?" "Ooo, they make their own cheese!" were just some of the comments that were made in the studio, but of course as chief in store layout person and apprentice foodie I got the gig!

Here are some shots of the point of sale and signage we have designed and produced to try and make shopping in the Farm Shop easier for customers.

Now where did I put that slice of Huntsman's pie...
Point of Sale Gondola boards
Point of Sale Gondola boards
Freezer Point of Sale Vinyl Stickers
Deli signage onto black Foamex

Bakery Signage onto black Foamex
Assistant Editors Note: We had designed and installed the Butchery signage, a 3m butchery board and more freezer signage. But we haven't got any pictures as Alan had to be taken away as he was frothing at the mouth, gibbering about all the wonderful food they had on offer...

Friday, 14 February 2014

Love is in the air!

Feel the love at Mako! We have been working on a number of projects involving hearts (is it just co-incidence on the time of the year or is fate playing it's card? - : Editors note : It's neither we just love working on brands!) The first one we have done is a brand for The Highland Council with a campaign raising awareness for the Highlands and the Highlands homecoming. We have designed the brand and rolled it out onto leaflets, a pull up and a cut out foamex board (aptly modelled by Ellen!)

The other brand is for a website, we just lurrrv the speedy little heart!

We have also been working on another Heart logo based business but it's not ready yet, so all you romantics will just have to curb your passion and wait and see!
Happy Valentines Day everyone - spread the love!

Friday, 7 February 2014

Fun Friday: Sochi 2014

So finally, today is the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony in Sochi. And yes, there have been a lot of discussions about these Olympic games from the start - about Russia's anti-gay law to the Olympic facilities not being ready.

Even the Google doodle goes rainbow for gay rights in Sochi

If you want to know what visitors in Sochi are really experiencing have a look on twitter @sochiproblems or look for #sochiproblems.
Here are just a few.

[via @sochiproblems]

Friday, 24 January 2014

Branding Branding and more Branding!

We have definitely got our Branding heads on here at Mako Creative. Very busy doing 5 very different brands for companies. This is what we can really get our teeth into in Mako. We love creating brands and even though I say so myself, we are rather quite good at it as we have created over 100 brands and logos for our customers over the years!

What is a brand?
There are lots of ways a brand can be deconstructed but it can be broken down simply in two ways -
Firstly a brand can be an identification or a mark that makes you stand out and  differentiates one business to another (through a name or a logo)

Secondly a brand symbolises how people think about your business. It guides customers in their decision making process, creating a perceived knowledge of what they are going to buy - even before they buy it.

Your brand creates an image of your business in the mind of your customers and helps to reinforce it every time they come in contact with you, so you have to get it right!

Do everything you can to make sure your brand message is communicated in the most effective way.  It won't work instantly, it will develop and grow over time as long as you consistently communicate and deliver all your brand values to your customer.
Here are some examples of brands we have created for our clients. It shows the brand before and after. By creating a new brand for them we have helped them grow and enable them to operate in areas that previously were unattainable to them because of their branding.

Before on the left and new branding on the right after the Mako treatment!

Cross Lanes Hotel - A country house hotel.
i7 Technologies - An IT company specialising in B2B.

Offa Community Council - A council responsible for 4 wards

The Pheasant Inn - A country Pub and restaurant

So if you are having trouble communicating to your clients and you are not able to get where you need to be, it could be your brand letting you down. 
Call us today to see how we can help you! 

T: 01978 856456

Thursday, 16 January 2014

A wonderful wedding

Doesn't any girl dream of their perfect fairytale wedding? The man of her dreams, a white dress like a princess, a lavish party with all her friends and family and a perfect location…

To help make these dreams come true we have just designed the wedding brochure for the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel & Spa. Awarded Cheshire's Wedding Venue of the Year 2011 and being a finalist for the Northwest Best Wedding Venue in the Wedding Industry Awards 2014, they want to ensure that your wedding day is a day to remember.

Each year since 2008 we have been working with the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel & Spa on their wedding brochure and it's always nice to see the beautiful photographs and to design something "girlie". (editors note: this was designed by Ellen, and what a fantastic job she has done :-)
Dave and I thought it best not to interfere!)