Monday, 13 April 2015

Three Virtues in Inverness

We were asked by The Highland Council to design and produce a new interpretation panel based on the three historic statues “Faith, Hope and Charity” that have been returned to Inverness.  

The YMCA commissioned a new building in Inverness in 1869 and a very grand building it was, with Roman columns and needed something suitable to stand on top. Local sculptor Andrew Davidson was commissioned to produce the statues and The Three Virtues, as they are also known as, were born.

They remained there until 1955 when the building was demolished. Luckily an antique collector spotted them in 1961 in a surveyor’s yard. The council purchased them in 2007 and a ceremony was held in 2011 to mark the rightful return of these prominent statues. Our interpretation panel now stands proudly in front of them.

We were fortunate enough to have historic images supplied by the council, which really helped. Muted tones in keeping with the archive pictures were used to help showcase these fantastic statues and tell their story.
For the technically minded the graphic was encapsulated into glass reinforced plastic and mounted into a beautiful oak lectern frame.

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