Friday, 14 February 2014

Love is in the air!

Feel the love at Mako! We have been working on a number of projects involving hearts (is it just co-incidence on the time of the year or is fate playing it's card? - : Editors note : It's neither we just love working on brands!) The first one we have done is a brand for The Highland Council with a campaign raising awareness for the Highlands and the Highlands homecoming. We have designed the brand and rolled it out onto leaflets, a pull up and a cut out foamex board (aptly modelled by Ellen!)

The other brand is for a website, we just lurrrv the speedy little heart!

We have also been working on another Heart logo based business but it's not ready yet, so all you romantics will just have to curb your passion and wait and see!
Happy Valentines Day everyone - spread the love!

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