Friday, 21 February 2014

Bodnant Welsh Food Point of Sale

We all like quality food and shopping around for different tastes and food experiences (well some of us anyway) so we leaped at the chance of  creating something new for The Bodnant Welsh Food Centre 

We have been working with them for a while, producing a suite of illustrations, designing their leaflet, direct mail campaign, their advertising and a whole lot more, so when it came to creating something for the Farm Shop itself, I was nearly knocked off my feet in the rush to do the site visit!  

"Oh yummy, can't wait" "Does that mean we get free samples?" "Ooo, they make their own cheese!" were just some of the comments that were made in the studio, but of course as chief in store layout person and apprentice foodie I got the gig!

Here are some shots of the point of sale and signage we have designed and produced to try and make shopping in the Farm Shop easier for customers.

Now where did I put that slice of Huntsman's pie...
Point of Sale Gondola boards
Point of Sale Gondola boards
Freezer Point of Sale Vinyl Stickers
Deli signage onto black Foamex

Bakery Signage onto black Foamex
Assistant Editors Note: We had designed and installed the Butchery signage, a 3m butchery board and more freezer signage. But we haven't got any pictures as Alan had to be taken away as he was frothing at the mouth, gibbering about all the wonderful food they had on offer...

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