Friday, 11 January 2013

Selfridges 'No Noise' campaign

As part of the 'No Noise' campaign Selfridges have launched an exclusive collection of de-branded products. Several of the world's most recognisable brands have taken the step of removing their logos from their packaging especially for this project and even Selfridges has removed the logo from its iconic yellow bags. These products are only available in limited quantities in the 'Quiet Shop'.

In addition to the 'Quiet Shop' Selfridges have also installed a 'Silence Room' which goes back to the original idea from founder Harry Gordon Selfridge who installed a Silence Room in 1909. Customers must remove shoes and electronic devices before they enter the room which is completely isolated from the rest of the store.

Despite this celebration of minimalism and decluttering this project also shows that with good marketing and design an established product doesn't have to rely on its logo to be recognised by customers. The product alone is enough.

Below are some examples of the de-branded products:

Images courtesy of Selfridges
Full details about this campaign can be found on

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