Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Christmas window displays in Bonn - an attraction for young and old

Traditionally every year around Christmas time Galeria Kaufhof - a German department store chain - unveils its Steiff Christmas window display.

Especially children - but myself too if I get a chance - like to press their noses to the window glass to admire the annually changing scenery full of animated Steiff animals.

This year the department store displays a snowy landscape with an enchanted forest including a small castle, the 'B&B Hollow Tree' and a chalet amongst many things. It's a shame I couldn't get a video but here are some impressions.

'B&B Hollow Tree' on the far right

The castle showing the Steiff flag

Another big attraction is the window display of Puppenk├Ânig - a toy store. Every autumn they assemble their model trains with changing themes that have been attracting young and old for generations.

This year it shows a scenery of the 'Bergisches Land' and measures 341 cm wide x 200 cm deep. And if you have a spare €5776.00 you can even buy it, not including the trains and transformers though.

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