Wednesday, 24 October 2012

How to really stand out from the crowd

Don't you just get really bored seeing the same old "Pop Up" and forests of "Pull Up" banner stands when you visit an exhibition? We do, so it was a breath of fresh air when ace exhibition designer, colleague and trusted supplier Maja MD of Black Iris Exhibitions came to us and asked if we could design some graphics to go onto her uber cool new Modular graphic display stand.

Well as you know we are always up for a challenge and stepped up to the mark with pencil, mouse and trusty Mac in hand (well actually on the desk) and started the Mako magic!

This was going to be used in large business exhibition to showcase the new system but also show what fantastic work Black Iris does, we thought the art gallery concept fitted so well!

- and here is the result - tahh dahh!!

The system is made from aluminium uprights and the graphic panels are printed onto foamex panels. We think it perfectly reflects the work Black Iris produces and what better way than to display it on a new and unique concept system.

We (and Black Iris!) got some fantastic comments and are now looking at space in the Tate and the National :-)

You can find more information on Black Iris here

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