Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Mighty Mako's!

Super Heroes are Go!

We have been getting all super excited in the Mako office with the imminent release of the Avengers movie this week! We are so into the super hero thing that we have been talking about what our super hero character would be and what fantastic super powers we would have…

Captain Indigo aka Alan Jones
Marvel at Captain Indigo! aka Alan Jones
See his superhuman strength tearing two bricks apart! Cower in terror when he bends plastic with just a thought! Cry with anguish as he reveals the missing Lego model piece! Watch in amazement as his enemies are flattened when he unleashes the power of his spitting pencil attack! Scream in pain at the mighty bricks under your bare feet on the stairs at night! Gasp in frustration when he reveals the dreaded secrets of the instruction book!

Choco Girl aka Ellen Parzer
Be spellbound by Choco Girl! aka Ellen Parzer
Shake in fright as she melts all in her sight! Feel the force of her chocolectic attack flying from her fingers! Hide in horror as she devours all in her path!
Run away in terror from when she launches her Double Decker Curly Wurly Crunch punch! The dark is strong in this one, we think she gets her powers from a Galaxy far away, but we suspect Milka is her nourishment…

The Prof aka Dave Savage
Stand in awe of The Prof! aka Dave Savage
Collapse in fear when he reveals his new inventions from the depths of his shark cave! Feel the power of his self-generating eco death cycle speeding you to your doom! Tremble in terror as he unleashes his patent pending penultimate paper pad of power!
Cover your ears as his mind numbing powers of persuasion lull you into submission! Don’t agree to anything…you might be his next victim!

The Invoicer aka Jane Cropper
Run away in fear of The Invoicer! aka Jane Cropper
Be afraid, be very afraid as the wrath of The Invoicer falls down on you from a great height! Run like crazy as she opens her Qbooks spells! Dive for cover when you hear the sound of her accelerated depreciater gun firing up! Shudder at the sound of the Invoice repeater coming from all directions! Just don’t make her angry….

They are fearsome by themselves but when they come together they are unbeatable… as the Makos!

They fight in the never-ending battle against bad design. They stand for truth justice and good typography. Never again will Comic Sans threaten the world and they have pledged themselves to the obliteration of Old English. Clip art will cease to exist and pixelated pictures will be something your granny will tell you about. The sayings “Can you just get it from Google?” & “My sons, mates, brothers cousin can do web sites” will be ground into dust never to be heard again. The package they named publisher will be taken outside and given a severe talking to and them atomised into a zillion pieces of even smaller trash.

A message to all of the bad design out there…

"We are watching and waiting…

We are the sentinels of the night…

We know where you live….”

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