Tuesday, 6 March 2012

"German Tuesday - Deutscher Dienstag": Mercedes Benz: Invisible Car

It sounds like science fiction but for their latest advertising campaign to promote their new hydrogen-powered F-Cell vehicle in Germany, Mercedes Benz have made the car invisible. The concept behind it is that with 0.0 emissions the car is basically invisible to the environment.

So how did they do it? Well, that's where it gets a bit technical so let's try to keep it simple. They covered the driver's side of the car with mats of LEDs and mounted a video recording camera on the opposite side of the car. They then were able to capture footage on one side of the car and display it simultaneously on the other end, which rendered the vehicle nearly invisible.

But they explain it much better in their video. And as you would have imagined the reaction of the German public was beyond belief.

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Elbe, Germany
Executive Creative Directors: Thimoteus Wagner, Fabian Frese, Götz Ulmer
Creative Directors: Micheal Ohanian, Jonas Keller, Martin Strutz
Art Direction: Jonas Keller
Copywriter: Michael Ohanian
Accounts: Sven Dörrenbächer, Sonja Stockmann, Kete Stodtmeister, Ann-Kathrin Geertz, Nelli Walker
Production Company: Markenfilm-Crossing
Designer: Daniel Soares
Idea: Michael Ohanian, Jonas Keller
Camera: Jakob Süß
Production: Martin Schön/Tina Rentzsch
Programming: Bettina Ackermann, Christopher Schultz
Director: Daniel Schmidt
Technic: Christopher Schultz, Bettina Ackermann

[via adsoftheworld.com]

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