Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Do you like to go to work in the morning? - Inspiring Offices

Your workplace is that place in the world where you spend a lot of your lifetime. And whether you are a big corporation or a smaller business you want your employees to feel inspired and comfortable. Obviously if you are a big corporation you've got a bit more money to spend.

The new headquarters of LEGO in Billund (Denmark) show what can be done if you have enough 'petty cash' and want to give your people creative office space with an open lay-out, fresh colour combinations and functional design.

From a modern design to a more playful approach almost anything can be found in office design and here are some of the prime examples.

Inventionland, Pittsburgh 

LEGO, Billund



 Google, San Francisco

Oh, and this is my workplace. I do like it but can you spot the difference?
Maybe a walk through shark tank could be something for us...


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