Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Infoshop Wrexham - School Counselling leaflet and poster

Here's some recent work we did for the Infoshop in Wrexham where they provide all kinds of information and services for young people as well as a free and confidential counselling service.

This project was specifically for school counselling and started out like a bit of an origami session in the studio. The reason for this was that it had to be a bilingual leaflet and folded from a flat A4 size to an A7 (slightly bigger than a business card). The challenge was to find the right way of folding it and placing the text so it makes sense for both languages. And there are a lot of different ways of doing this I can tell you...

This was the final conclusion we thought works best. The leaflet and poster had to appeal to young people so we chose bold colours and graphics for the design.

English cover of the folded leaflet
opening up
inside of the leaflet
reverse of the unfolded leaflet
accompanying posters in Welsh and English

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