Thursday, 23 February 2012

‪Choices for Girls - interactive bus shelter ad‬

Plan UK's campaign just launched a groundbreaking interactive ad on a bus stop in Oxford Street that uses facial recognition technology. The ad is placed in a bus shelter outside Selfridges and will be available for consumers to interact with for two weeks.

The facial recognition technology determines whether a man or a woman is standing in front of the ad. Women will see a 40 second advert featuring girls from the UK, Mali and Thailand, while men will be shown a plain script including the message "We are choosing to show our advert only to girls to give you a glimpse of what life could be like without choices". Men are denied the choice to view the full advert in order to highlight the fact that many women and girls around the world are denied choices and opportunities due to discrimination and poverty.
The advert forms part of a wider campaign 'Because I am a girl'.

Plan UK's interactive bus stop ad was also featured on BBC London.

For more information about the campaign visit

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