Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Derwent Sketch book commission

Alan Jones a director from Mako Creative has been commissioned by Derwent Pencils to produce a drawing of a bear cub to be reproduced onto the front of their sketchbooks. "I couldn't believe it when Derwent approached me" said Alan. "This is a huge honour and I am very humbled that Derwent chose me to produce the drawing, but I am glad they did!" The drawing took over 15 hours to produce using Derwent soft graphite H, 2B & 8B pencils onto Derwent A3 cartridge. "Derwent pencils are really a joy to use, you can sharpen them to ultra fine points and lay a really rich velvety layer of graphite down to  build  up subtle shades with precise control."
These quality sketchbooks will be on sale in an art store near you anytime soon.


  1. They have the elephant drawing now. Did Alan do that too?

    1. They are still are using the bear. I didn't do the Elephant drawing.