Friday, 28 October 2011

Volkswagen Beetle "Juiced Up" - augmented reality in advertising

Volkswagen is promoting the 2012 Beetle in Canada with an  advertising campaign incorporating augmented reality. VW Canada has released a dedicated app called "VWJuicedUP" that allows mobile device users to see Beetle Juiced Up animations when the device is pointed towards ads that have a black frame around them. The AR animations can be seen on gigantic billboards in Toronto's Dundas Square as well as on bus shelters in Vancouver and Toronto.

The animations themselves show the Beetle launching itself through billboards, jumping off a huge ramp that emerges from the side of a building and racing through a tunnel before smashing through a bus shelter.

The Juiced Up campaign was developed by Red Urban, Canada and produced by Pixelpusher. Animation and design were produced at Bully! Entertainment, Baltimore, filming was shot by director/editor Tyler Williams.

The augmented reality campaign can be seen in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal followed by an online digital campaign. The app can be downloaded for free at

I've downloaded the app on my iPhone and tried it with a screenshot of a bus shelter and it is really amazing.
So is this the future of advertising?

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