Thursday, 14 April 2011

Tech Thursday - The legendary Commodore 64 is back!

Well, it looks like my childhood is back. 
Remember the Commodore 64 with its floppy disks and "HUGE" 64K memory space? In the 1980s it was the best seller of its time and introduced users - like me - to computer games.

Picture courtesy of Commodore USA
And now it returns... and better than ever! The new C64 is a modern functional PC that will run Windows 7 but also has an emulator that will allow playing games written for its ancestor. The design, however, is like I remember it. It comes in the original taupe (brown/beige) colour and the keyboard even makes the "clicky" sound.

Pre-orders are already been taken and shipping will start between late May and early June.
For more information visit Commodore USA

Donkey Kong anyone??

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