Friday, 7 November 2014

Highland Young Musicians Programme

The cover design of the programme is also used as a poster.
We have just designed the A5 programme for the Highland Young Musicians Concerts Festival which is on the 22nd November. This is an all day event featuring 8 concert performances so to convey all the information about them we designed a 32pg brochure. It contains conductor information and playing order as well as listing the musicians and also including listening plans for the featured composer.
Inside spread. Good photography does make a difference.
This was an urgent project so from text supplied to finished artwork we turned it around in 24 hours!
We are really living up to our name - the Mako shark is quickest to react and is the fastest shark in the sea!!

We have to work according to guidelines created for the brand of HYM.
We loved working on this project and it makes such a difference when we have professional photographs supplied, it really does lift the look of the programme.

This is the second year we have designed this and look forward to designing more for them, we have also produced posters based on the theme.

Cover design for the concerts in March.

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