Friday, 15 August 2014

Panoramic Display for The Highland Council Marquee

Well here's a brief you don't get every day -
"Hi Alan. We have a 6m x 4m gala marquee that we would like to dress up"

So after speaking with the client (The Highland Council in Inverness) and getting a bit more information and how they wanted it, we set about getting it to work! The photograph was sourced through the client but we had to do some large scale Photoshop work to make it fit all of the panels in one continuous lake and skyline.

This was going to be used to clad the complete inside of the marquee including the roof and gable ends and needed to be hung quickly and easily.

Our artwork to scale, from end to end it measures 14 metres long x 4 metres high!
The installation at Belladrum Festival
A great project that we loved working on and The Highland Council thought it looked awesome and had some fantastic feedback! So if you have a bland marquee / wall / space that needs dressing up, if no one else can help, if you can find them (err... we are actually in Wrexham North Wales) maybe you can hire the Mako Creative Team...

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