Monday, 16 June 2014

Pint Sized

We were approached by a client to design a new brand for them. It had to reflect the market it was operating in so look, feel and style were very important, including the brand name. After lots of different variations, sketches and designs we narrowed it down to our favourite 7 and presented them to the client.

It is always a fraught time when the client is deciding which design is going to work for their business. We have our favourite design of course and we have lots of justification as to why the others will work based on robust marketing principles, colour ethics and the fact that they just look so dam good! Well the client made the choice and guess what... it was our favourite design... Result!!

But what made this brand so special is how we rolled it out onto their business cards - because they are specialists in Micro Brewery Insurance, what better way to showcase what they do than print them onto beer mats! A totally unique solution for the company and a creative gem from the Mako team! So if you are looking for something a bit different, that stands out from the crowd and really get noticed give us a call today - Cheers!

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