Monday, 7 April 2014

Gladstone's Library

Had a great network meeting last week in Gladstone's Library with the FSB. I have been there before quite a few times for business meetings and have always loved the location (and the great food in the Food for Thought coffee shop!) but have never had the chance to look around the Library or the other facilities they have on offer as I seem to be always rushing to my next appointment.

So when John Fergus - the membership adviser for FSB, mentioned that there would be a guided tour after the meeting I couldn't wait.

I had a personal tour from Jane Dawson, the business development manager at Gladstone's, and I must admit I was blown away! The Library is truly amazing, I just didn't realise the scale of the place, they have over 250,000 volumes and all housed in a wonderful two storey setting

Gladstone had a huge passion for reading and books  and in his later years he began to think how he could make his personal library accessible to others. In 1889 he began moving 32,000 of his books from Hawarden Castle to what has become known today as Gladstone's Library.

The Library has continued to acquire books particularly in subjects that Gladstone was interested in, throughout this century. There are over 200,000 volumes on history and theology as well as philosophy, classes art and literature.

It is well worth a visit if you are passing by, I think it's a jewel of literary excellence and one of the best kept secrets in the North Wales area!

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