Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Light reactive magazine cover

The current issue of German design magazine 'Novum' features a light reactive cover printed with photochromic ink that changes colour when exposed to UV rays. The cover features a pasty, tattooed torso reclining on a blue background – but place the cover in direct sunlight and boy does that torso get a sunburn.

Still looking healthy in the shade
The cover was designed by Barcelona-based TwoPoints and apparently the idea came up whilst watching tourists in Barcelona. »The idea for the cover came to us when we saw a group of sun-starved German men on the terrace of a cafĂ© in Barcelona. We’ve been living in Barcelona for almost eight years and have become used to blue sky and sun. We sincerely hope that once the cover is published the sun will shine a little in northern Europe.«
Looking sunburned after exposure to the sun
And with our great British summer this year this interactive cover is also a reminder to take care out in those rays!

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