Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Grumpy old me - Wrinklies in advertising

So we're all getting older - no kidding - and I myself can feel the 40 closing in. And even if I might not "feel that old" there are some things I can't do anymore. I can't go out with the girls for some cocktails on a Saturday night and not feel it the next day. I can't just shake off the extra pounds I gained on my holidays, I have to work hard to loose them. And sometimes I forget what I came upstairs for.

On the other hand I feel like I finally finished the process of "becoming myself". I know what I want and like (most of the times) and I've got a job and more disposable income. So you'd think that advertisers would be interested in people like me.

But what I found (and there are some exceptions) is that older consumers, and hereby I mean people aged 50+, are all too often ignored. This is hard to believe considering the age structure in the UK for older generations according to the indexmundi United Kingdom Demographics Profile:
25-54 years: 41.2%
55-64 years: 11.6%
65 years and over: 16.9%

And if you see advertising for wrinklies it can be difficult to find something that is not for products such as stair lifts or "unexpected wetness".

But it can go wrong, too, and make my eyes water. I might not be the target market but please…. You wouldn't probably show this with Brangelina on it.

My hope for the future? That when I've reached a certain age there will be advertising that is relevant to me, well designed and nice to look at.

These are completely my personal views and do not represent the manufacturer or advertising agency

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