Thursday, 7 March 2013

Bodnant Welsh Food - Telling the Story Concept

We are always a bit apprehensive when we come up with a concept for a client that we think is great but we aren’t sure if the client will buy into it. This was one of those occasions, Bodnant Welsh Food, one of our great clients, wanted something that showed all of what they do in a simple visual way. We produced a visual, nothing finished but we needed to give them an idea of what it could look like and they loved it and commissioned us to produce the finished article!

We created a friendly and welcoming artwork showcasing all that Bodnant Welsh Food offers all together – which resulted in a map of Bodnant!

Alan our Creative Director set to work with his favourite range of pens and produced all 18 illustrations in black ink.

The original black and white drawings

These were then scanned in at very high resolution and Dave “coloured them in” (technical term!) in Photoshop.

The Hayloft Restaurant

Bodnant Farm Shop

Ellen then created the design and layout, and fitted everything onto the page suggesting different typography, colours, backgrounds and textures etc.

The drawings were all made sepia to tone in with the rest of the artwork and it was finished!

Sepia toned bread and a cute bee!

Something like this just doesn’t just happen overnight, this has been very strategically planned and thought through and has probably taken about 40 hours from start to finish with the whole team (all three of us!) working on it.

 Ta Da! The finished artwork

But it doesn’t stop here; we will be rolling the concept out onto a range of other marketing materials as well.

Fantastic team effort guys, and thank you Bodnant Welsh Food for giving us the opportunity.

You have to visit Bodnant Welsh Food, it really is a great place and their food produce is outstanding. They are in Conwy, North Wales, just 4 miles off the A55 near Llandudno.

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