Friday, 22 February 2013

It's not only about what's inside your food...

Everybody is talking about the current horse meat scandal and what really is inside your food. But maybe we should pay more attention to the actual packaging as well. Just recently I became aware of a new way of clever advertising that some of the worlds most famous brands are using.

Blippar is the first image-recognition phone app that brings packaging, posters, newspapers and magazines to life with augmented reality experiences and instantaneous content. Launched in the UK in 2011 it has been expanding globally ever since.

Last night I had a look through my cupboards at home and here are some examples of what some brands are offering with Blippar. And there are lots more out there.

Ok, the temperature is slightly wrong but anyway...
So if you spot me walking around Tesco while aiming my mobile at different products don't worry. I'll be trying to find new 'blipps'.

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