Friday, 1 February 2013

Have a break and plug out!

Nowadays we are all connected and constantly online. WiFi is available in airports, trains, bars, restaurants, supermarkets and many public places. Even the summit of Mount Everest has WiFi. So sometimes it can be hard to have a proper break without tweeting, Facebook or emails.

JWT Amsterdam therefore has come up with a "Free No-WiFi Zone" for their client Kit Kat. Benches in Amsterdam are fitted with signal jammers that block WiFi for a radius of 5 metres, so people can escape emails, status updates etc and instead take some real time for a break. Whilst eating a Kit Kat of course.

Instead of updating your status or tweeting
you have time to read a proper newspaper...
...or even have a conversation!
And you think this is utter bliss?

Then you'll love the Detox Break at the Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel. It's not only about the detox of your body but mainly to reorganise you lifestyle, your habits and to revive yourself from an overstimulated world.

So what does it involve? Your laptop, cell phone, and all other digital devices must be surrendered upon check in, and will be held for you until your departure. Prior to your arrival, the television, phone, and iHome dock station will be removed from your guest room and replaced by literary classics.
And to top it all there are some healthy activities included such as kayaking lessons.

So maybe this weekend let's try to have a break and plug out!

[via behance, JWT Amserdam, Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel]

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