Tuesday, 24 July 2012

"Craftsmen's Boobs" - Craftsmanship is sexier than you think!

I suppose everyone who's had some repairs or building done at their home has come across them - the so called "Craftsmen's Boobs" (also know as plumber's bum or builder's cleavage). They are a well established stereotype for the trade (at least in Germany) and not always a pleasant thing to look at.

Now Berlin-based advertising agency Scholz & Friends has done the unthinkable and created a series of t-shirts that turn your unappealing plumber's bum into a sexy cleavage and a mailing with a calendar. The calendar was created to wish training companies a Happy New Year of Training. On the back of the accompanying letter was an order form for the "Craftsmen's Boobs" t-shirts to spread the message "more attractive than you think. The new craftsmanship."

The overall aim is to motivate teenagers to start an apprenticeship in the crafts by using humor to show that it's not as old-fashioned and monotonous as often believed.

The "Craftsmen's Boobs" Mailing won a Clio Award in Bronze.

[via boredpanda.com; adsoftheworld.com]

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