Tuesday, 6 December 2011

"German Tuesday - Deutscher Dienstag" Part 13: It's Christmas time

Every year I know Christmas time has come when I receive a huge box in the office. It's with compliments from my parents and filled with the most delicious speciality Christmas biscuits like various types of Lebkuchen (sort of German gingerbread), Dominoes, Spicy Speculatius Biscuits and Christstollen.
And what is even more is the lovely packaging they come in. There is for example a Fairytale House, filled with chocolate coated Lebkuchen hearts, a Ducat Box, filled with assorted Lebkuchen and a Festive Tin, also filled with Lebkuchen.

Unfortunately the box doesn't last that long and so I had emptied some of the small boxes and binned them already without even thinking of keeping them to show them on the blog. So below are pictures of the original box (www.lebkuchen-schmidt.de) and some of the nicer packaging I have still left.

The Large Festive Box in its full glory

Notice the nice packaging in the shape of a fairytale house?

Lebkuchen tins
Other Lebkuchen packaging
And, obviously, thanks to my parents - everyone at the office loves you ;-)

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