Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Let Mako put some real bite into your marketing!

Times are tough so you need to get smart!
You only get a few seconds to grab your customer’s attention, and in that time you need to communicate how your business stands out from the crowd. We have a huge range of design and marketing experience to help you convey your message in the right way.
So to help you make sure you are communicating in the right way, here are some of the most common marketing mistakes people make when putting their marketing materials together:

Common Marketing Mistakes
1. I want to save money so I will design my logo myself.
Do I really need to go into detail here? Enough said.

2. I have my own digital camera.
The kiss of death for any marketing material, fine for the kids on the beach or Spot the dog, but not for your product shots. Make sure all your images are taken by a professional photographer. This will reflect on your business big time.

3. What is it you’re selling again?
So make sure you explain clearly what you do, why you do it and why this is helpful to your customers. You’ll be surprised how often people leave this out!

4. Walk the talk.
If you sell eco friendly products, make sure that all your literature, packaging and delivery methods reflect the business and your culture, don’t use tons of bubble wrap just because it’s cheap!

5. Timeless doesn’t date.
Few things date faster than clothes, hairstyles and particularly mobiles,so make sure any imagery you use is up to date.

6. It’s a what?
You might be delirious that your trans re-enactor encribulator device, which uses twelve hydrophonic zorf valves and a reticular sub atomic particle decombobuliser to prevent unwanted polydermatcicosis, but really… do your customers care, or even understand what the heck you are going on about?

7. Where are you?
Sounds simple doesn’t it, but you would be surprised how many companies leave off their email and telephone numbers. Put them on everything you send out.

8. Yawn...It’s boring...
Cut out all the unnecessary flowery language, and make it interesting and more importantly make it relevant. This is where you need to employ a good copywriter.

9. I will use clip art, it will cost me less.
Argggh! So many people know what this is, and using it will really lessen the impact and cheapen your material. Step away from the clip art. Get a professional to create something.

10. First impressions count.
Make sure you get your material professionally printed. If you are selling luxury products, you can’t expect a leaflet printed at home to work for you.
Similarly if you are selling into a price sensitive market, over the top super glossy brochures aren’t going to work either.

When you are looking for a brand design, flyer, brochure, sign, web site, or any other type of marketing material, there is a mode of thinking that will place you far ahead of your competition because most people focus on the wrong priorities. The mode of thinking is simple, yet profound.

Simply ask yourself this question,
"Will this cause people to buy from me?"

Remember it costs just as much (and in some cases a whole lot more) to get good design as it does to get bad design.

So speak to the experts, to make sure you don’t just have the visual appeal, but also the marketing principles behind it to get the results you need.

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