Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Tolo Toys fit out in Hamleys

Another part of the ever expanding range of creative services that we at Mako Creative offer is retail development and design. We were briefed to give a strong in-store presence for Tolo featuring their new Dinosaur range for the 1-5 age group. We designed the area to include an illuminated acrylic diorama which showcased the dinosaur range and printed backdrop and base. All the models had to be fixed securely into position with invisible fixings. We designed and produced the column graphic featuring large friendly dinosaurs which the children could easily identify with, and replicated the design onto the model diorama cube base, which was also designed to merchandise the largest set in the range.

We designed the overhead light-box graphic and produced the shelf strips to make sure the whole site was fully branded and more importantly identifiable and had a great "easy to find" factor.
We also installed a mini TV unit on shelf (securely fastened by a steel cable!) which ran a 2min loop of the Dinosaur range. Just in front of the wall bay unit we installed a play table which had a train track and other models affixed in place. The little train whizzed around the track and whistled when you pressed the train drivers head, (who said designing and installing shop displays wasn't any fun!!)

Then to set the Tolo display off, we designed and produced a floor graphic which really stood out from the rest of the other toy manufacturers. After all of that we merchandised the whole stand with the product stock and stood back to admire our handy work just as the store was opening on Sunday lunchtime. The children literally rushed up to the second floor and couldn't wait to play on the play table and gather around the model box to see the dinosaurs.
So there you have it, lights, colourful fantastic graphics and attractive fun displays all professionally designed created and installed by the Mako Creative in-store Squad

If you have a product to display - and no one else can help - hire the M Team!

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