Tuesday, 2 August 2011

"German Tuesday - Deutscher Dienstag" Part 8

With summer finally here (did it just start to rain?) it's the perfect time to spend some time outdoors. So how about a visit to the zoo? Zoos need to attract visitors and what better way than doing it with funny vehicle wraps. And as we have designed some vehicle wraps in the past I'm always interested in funny and innovative ideas.

Danish advertising agency Bates Y&R created the illusion of a huge snake crushing a Copenhagen city bus as part of a campaign for the city zoo. It won a Gold Creative Circle Award - Outdoor in 2010. It has  been such a success that agency turned four subway cars into a rolling zoo as well, with snakes on the floor, monkeys hanging out the windows and lions climbing the seats.

Copenhagen city bus
Four subway cars as rolling zoo
Lions climbing the seats in the subway cars

Another idea I really like is the commercial titled VACUUM ELEPHANT. It was done by Euro Rscg Dusseldorf advertising agency for Zoo Krefeld (for Mobile Advertising) in Germany.
"Visit me after work - in the Zoo Krefeld."

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