Friday, 8 July 2011

Vehicle Wraps

Well, we thought we would share some other designs we have done on vehicles. These are no ordinary "vinyl stickers",  they are produced using a very high tech film which moulds itself to the vehicle and is able to follow all the contours. It is a vinyl "wallpaper". The beauty of this film is that it can be printed in vivid colours and gives our designs completely free reign - it's the Mako Shark rap!

Dese is cool from our design thinkin'
Gonna do more so keep on blinkin
Wraps is bangin' don't get no fako
Keep it real n' talk to Mako

Bus wrap for fflecsi

Krazy about Pizza wrap over a red smart car!
Krazy about Pizza on another car. Love the "cheesy" yellow wrap!

Passionate about Tiling half wrap


  1. Whoa! Those are beautiful car wraps huh! Car wraps can be used in adverstising services and products.

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