Monday, 11 April 2011

Highland Council Dance Brochure

Here is some recent work we have done for the Highland Council in Inverness. We won the tender for working with them over a year ago. It is quite surprising to think that a small design agency based in North Wales would be working for a council in Inverness, but it does happen, all you have to do is really apply yourself when you look and apply for tenders. If we can do it anybody can!This was a great project to work on, a 42 pg brochure based on Dance in the schools curriculum. We decided on a digital illustrative solution to convey the exuberance, passion and most importantly fun of the learning aids and projects. It was also important to include a range of different activities across all age groups so we decided to colour code sections to make them instantly accessible if you wanted to access a particular one.
The client was highly delighted by our design and has now been distributed to all the schools involved. We were able to turn this around in under 2 weeks, all by email and phone.
No travelling, no unnecessary carbon emissions and a great reduction in our carbon footprint
A pretty good sustainable project all round!

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