Tuesday, 19 April 2011

"Deutscher Dienstag - German Tuesday" Part 2

So, I guess it's time for some more design inspiration.

As you already know I am from Germany, but to be more precise my home town is Bonn. Ok, so it might not be the biggest town in the country or even the most famous one. But it is a lovely place situated on the river Rhine with lots of history and it's famous for at least two things: being the capital of West Germany and birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven (yes, THE Beethoven). And sometimes even for good design ideas…

The Old Town Hall has undergone major restoration work from February 2010 until spring this year and instead of letting people look at an ugly construction site and scaffolding all the time, they came up with this wonderful idea of covering it up. The designs changed according to season or big events like the football world cup and there were five overall: the 'tall guys' of the Telekom Baskets, a football stadium during the wold cup, a puzzle, a gingerbread house at Christmas time and a 'Pappnase' (a huge magenta clown nose) for carnival.

Overall I think this was a really good idea and everyone I spoke to really liked it.

Here are the ones I liked best:

The big puzzle. Picture courtesy of www.bonn.de
The football stadium last summer.
Love how they did the facade as a curtain.

The gingerbread house at Christmas time.
Picture courtesy of staedte-fotos.de
The town hall before work began.
Picture courtesy of en.wikipedia.org

So, my appeal this week would be to everyone planning major construction work in a town centre: try to find yourself a sponsor like they did in Bonn and cover it up. Please!

And obviously if you need any design ideas Mako Creative can help you, not matter what size!

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